Nutrition Month  

Today is the end of the month, as I remember during my elementary years, we always celebrate "Nutrition Month". Yes, July is Nutrition Month and my brother is one of the selective prince in their respective classmates and teachers . So, me and my family went to the school to join the said event. Luckily, my brother got the first place plus trophy.

I miss this kind of celebration, way back to my elementary moments, I'm one of it also, as before I'm a bit chubby, so they choose me as Im healthy looking. I cant refuse, as Im only a student and Im afraid to have low grades, so ayun, I accept the offer nalang, hahaha, seems like a star.

After the event, the school prepared a salo-salo which is all sorts of vegetables. All foods they serve are all vegies, well obviously when it comes to nutrition, you can get it all in vegies and fruits. So go, grow, glow thats a 3 basic food groups if Im not mistaken. Right after the event, POSE, POSE, POSE.

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