I say so...  

Ever since I came in UK, I dont have so much time to update this blog. I always manage my other blog, its not that I dont have so much to say. Im just lazy making a post and I feel shame everytime I visit this blog still I notice that some folks make a a glimpse in this blog of mine. I prefer to write something in my other blogs as Dearly-dear talks about the journey of me and my hubby. While these blog talks about my personal life and my own journey that leads through my open diary. So its quite the same, and sometimes I feel bad talking the same thing on my other blog. Anyhow, I cant stay in the front of my lappy all day, unlike before in pinas but here hubby doesnt want me to abuse my body as I feel backpains when I stay long in computer. I always ask him to massage my back, so maybe he dont want me to stay longer so that he can make an excuses to massage me..ehhhe... So guys, I try to carry on and update this blog anytime of my convenience. Anyway, you can always catch any news and read my stories in my other blogs. So for now, I guess I have to stop making a post in this blog until I recover my backpain. Tomorrow I have an appointment to the doctor for a check-up and I may take a little rest. So until next year guys and advance Happy New Year....



A long waiting time is now over, I am finally here in England together with my lovable dear hubby. It's not easy after all, its very hard to be far away of my family. But I need to be with my husband and settling down with him together. So far, Im enjoying here but the cold's really horrible. I cant imagine how cold here, it makes me greeeeeeeeehhhh......lol. Somehow, I find it very hard to be apart of my mama, at first I really cried coz I used to be in mama's care something like I am a mama's girl. But Im a big girl now and big girls dont cry.hahha.

Anyway, cold is a great hindrance for me to go out but I cant escape the reality though, so this is it. I must chase the chance to be here and enjoy the life here together with my husband, but hubby is willing to stay with me in PI if Im not happy to live here. Well, let see in the mere future and find out where the best place to stay with. So far, I keep struggling the colds he keeps me buying coat, gloves, jacket and other things to keep me warm. But still I feel the cold, and its alright though and I keep saying oh its nice here as we dont have kind of cold like this in PI. Its a bit funny to say that but Im glad Im finally here and we're together forever...


My day....  

It's first time to happen that I celebrate my birthday twice. Well, it could be a long story if I share the whole details, so I'll make the story short. My hubby knows when is my real birthday but he used to follow the birth date in my certificate. That is why I celebrate again today and these is first time to happen in my life. I told him not to prepare something but he really did, he want to seized the time while his here with me now. Simple things makes me happy, I dont like big preparations so he just buy a cake then he cook spaghetti then buy some red wine and ice cream and other foods that cooked by my sis. It's a chance to celebrate my birthday together with him, well its quite a despededa as tomorrow he'll going back to England. I have a mixed emotion, knowing that we will be apart again. It could be a sad or happy birthday to me,.... but Im pretty sure I can handle this....eheheh.


Quick Update...  

As what I have posted in my other blogs, I am quite busy at the moment as my dearly hubby is here. He have a 3 weeks vacation here in PI, and as to date this is his last week this week in PI. Apparently, end of this week is his departure back to UK, Im a bit sad, but that's life. So far, we're having a nice time together and enjoying the places we went. In his first week, we spent time in Manila. Strolling and roaming around Mall of Asia and some places in Manila. Also we had a chance to watch the wowowee noontime show. Then, second week is in Bohol. Its really nice there, and the place was so beautiful yet wonderful. It's my first time to witness and see the wonders of the world. Especially, the Chocolate Hills is the most beautiful creature of God that I ever see. Plus the Loboc River, is quite romantic place yet full of entertainment while riding on the floating restaurant. We also see a big snake called Phytoon and a must see beautiful tarsier. Plus the man-made forest and the hanging bridge and also the two historical places. The first one is the blood compact, where the monument symbolizes the historical image of our ancient people and also their is a story behind that, but I dont know eheheh I dont like Geography lol. And the second historical places we went is the oldest church in the Philippines, the Baclayon Church. We really had a nice time there in Bohol and it was so sulit talaga to have a vacation there. So lastly, this week we have no more trips I guess. Will stay in Cebu probably, and spend leisure time together. I guess I have to end this quick update for now as my dear hubby is quite asleep, so bye for now guys....


A week of fun....  

I had a nice week together with my hubby, we spend a lot of time together as his only have a short vacation here. I find myself a little bit busy while he's here, I need to spend most of the time with my lovable husband. That's why I dont have so much time to update my blogs at the moment, though I miss my life online but my hubbs is my priority. I'd been far away from my hometown for almost a week, as my hubby dont like to stay much in the house. He likes to spend time likely on the beach and pools with slide. Thats what I like too, I like to travel and tour somewhere and anywhere nice for something to have a recreation. Something to have a sightseeing and beautiful spots and nice views around the world. So here's my update for the whole week.

Since I hear that Mall of Asia is the biggest mall in asia, so we spend our first day together touring at MOA. After done shopping and taking our dinner, we decided to stroll outside the mall. Its quite nice there coz its near on the beach and it's so refreshing. There's a lot of things to do while spending time there, and also you can use a telescope to see the beautiful places. After touring the whole ground for a couple of hours, we decided to go back to the hotel as we have a long day for the next day.

My hubby set for a wake up call from the hotel service, we need to wake up early for the big day event. We need to be their early as we dont know what to do yet. My hubby really loves to watch the noontime live show. As what I have posted earlier, that Im looking for some information on how to get inside and watch the wowowee live. Since, I dont get enough information here, so I just told my hubby that we will just go there in studio and ask for some information on what to do. Since this hubby of mine is so keen to watch the live show, so he really assured that we can watch at that time. He's not shy on asking those staff in studio tour, if we have a chance to watch the show.Somehow, I thought that the entrance fee is too high but it's really affordable. We were lucky enough at that time, as they don't always let others to get in and watch wowowee without reservations. Finally, we really got a chance to watch the number one noontime show called Wowowee. My hubby was fully satisfied of the entertainment, in fact he likes to come and watch again some other time.

We stroll back again to the mall and walk around Manila bay. After walking around, I felt so tired maybe because of not having lunch last day. We dont have time to take lunch the day before today because we have no enough time to process our studio tour and the audience entrance to get inside the wowowee studio. So my wed. is ended up lying in bed for the half day rest, though my hubby likes to go out again, but I refused to come as Im so tired. So we just spend our time and having our dinner in the swaggy resto.

Our first time together traveling by the ferry boat is really nice too. Spending time for the whole day on the ferry makes me afraid. At first, I refused to ride on as one of the reason is I dont know how to swim and also the tragedy of the MV princess of the stars is still fresh on my mind which sunks and many people died. I admit it's my first time on the ferry coz everytime I travel away from my hometown, I usually travel by plane. But my hubby wants something to change things, he likes to ride on the ferry. Anyway, there's no harm in trying....right??? So far my first experience on the superferry is really nice. It's so cool and relax, I feel just like staying in the nice hotel. Actually it depends on which room you stay inside the ferry, thiers a lot of choices like stateroom,cabin,tourist megavalue or supervalue. But no matter where rooms you check-in, the people most likely to stay outside and see the ferry on board. Having a sightseeing and see the wonders of the sea and the island. I said to myself much better to ride on ferry rather than plane but the advantage of plane is quicker than ferry. So if you're on the rush just ride plane and if you want to travel like just dreaming to reach the destination so better to ride on ferry.

My hubby meets my family again, so it's quite like to have a little welcome party for our homecoming. They're excited to see us again and of course expecting a pasalubong ng bayan. eheheh. Anyway, my fri. is not so busy I feel relax and comfy to be back home. Though I miss my lappy and miss my life online, I dont even touch it and check my emails. We just stroll for an hour or two around Cebu together with my family. Later then we go back home and Im carry on my relaxing mood.

We stay at Waterpark from morning till eve together with my family. My hubby likes to visit thier again as it's the place where we held our reception on our wedding in Intosan Resort. It's nice to be back thier again to captures the memories together and also it's the momentous place for us. Likewise, my family are having fun soaking on the water and sliding while my little nephews likes to stay in jacuzzi. It's really nice to stay in the waterpark and have a fun time together with your love ones.

We decided to go on the beach and invite some of my relatives and cousins. My hubby loves to chill and ride on the boat. He likes sailing and touring into the widest part of the sea and explore the beautiful scenery in the deepest part. We hire a little boat and all of us are enjoy riding on it.
Just take a look on my slideshow, it's the compilation from Mon. till Sunday. So guys,,,Have a nice weekend.....

Click to play nice week


Just beleive.,....  

My cousin came here to my house, to have a thorough search about the facts of mushroom tibicos. Luckily, she got the information and now she fulfilled to believe that using this kind of medicine is really effective. She's using it for so many years and until now she continue on making the mushroom tibicos. In fact, she gave my mom some tibicos to make, the tibicos needs care so need to make it everyday or after 3 days or else it will die.

So here some tips on how to care the tibicos.

Grow the tibicos in a glass container with pure boiled water and about a third of a stick of brown sugar placed in the bottom and left in place for 24 hours, then strained through a plastic colander. This liquid should be drunk, preferably on an empty stomach, or if not, then with other liquid. If you like, it can be diluted with natural water; it's not necessary to sweeten it or add anything.

Once strained, wash the tibicos lightly in running water and return to the container. The tibicos which adhere to the bottom are the most recently formed; be careful not to dislodge them.

Take this drink with any liquid on an empty stomach without adding flavoring or sugar. Drink it regularly. It is good for arthritis, migraines, cancer, heart, digestive system, liver, muscles, nerves, eyes, skin, lungs, kidneys, and blood. In addition it keeps body temperature regulated, and drinking it helps alcoholics to quit.
This kind of medicine is quite like lacto pafi, it's liquid drink same taste with lacto. So if you want to know more about the story of mushroom tibicos just click this link and you will find out that its really true. Just beleive....


Need Information.....  

Soon my hubby will be having his vacation here in pinas, and we have lots of plans about our vacation together. One of our plan is to watch wowowee live show. Since, we might spend a couple of days in Manila, so he decided to watch the ultimate noontime show in PINAS. My hubby loves to watch wowowee on tv, he really enjoy watching and that's why he wanted to watch it live. So he let me find out how to get inside wowowee. But the problem is, till now I dont have any idea on how to get inside there. I did a lot of search but I guess my search was not good enough, actually Im still searching for more infos right now. I hope somebody can help me, that's why I decided to make a post, hoping that maybe someone out there can share me some information about this matter.

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Been in the mall and just do nothing as in when though shopping? eheheh. Nice, to chill out and relax at mall, actually not my best tambayan, but I used to drop by the mall when I get bored in the house. Lately, I used to go out with friends going to the mall and guess we do nothing, what a waste of time isn't it? I mean we dont buy or either we choose things but we never buy. We just look at the things we like and then leave it unless take it if desperate, be sure when desperate must have money. wheheh.

I bet you've already heard the word "window shopping", a term used for just hanging around and roaming inside the mall. Looking looking, picking picking, chossing chossing, and then endoing as in ending for leaving. Window shopping not mean shopping for window just shopping by window2x. Hhaha. As in stop here, go there, pick there, drop here, then go..vavoos. eclavos. toink....


Ber Month nah!!!!  

The countdown has just began, wheeew its ber month nah. Another end of the year to celebrate the most awaited event for everybody. The Christmas time is soon to come, a time to cherish every moment and to shout for joy. A time to celebrate the day of his natal day of our savior Jesus Christ.

Many of us now, are started to begin their countdown, precisely they start from 100 days till end of the countdown. Obviously, I make my own countdown here, for a references, so that Im aware of how many days left now before the celebration.

Im excited to begin my countdown as to date that days has just passed by. Nearly, another year will be over and another year will soon to begin. Apparently, It's time to face another chapter in our life. Another challenge that we may encounter, and possibly some risky thing. Its time to change things....Its time for C......not Clear huh!....eheehe.

Since my countdown here is unclear, so u can clearly see it in my other blog, just click my name below or visit Dearly-Dear blog.


Im home....  

Im back after having a nice time in San Miguel place. It's very nice their, though the place is quite like province, I really had a nice experienced in staying there for a couple of days. Its very cold there at night, good thing I bring some jackets. Suppose to be, I will not be here yet, and suppose to be Im in bed right now to have some rest, but I can't wait to see and open my blogs. Not to mention, I only have two blogs running, this one is for my Open diary which is talking about my journeys in life, basically about my trips and happenings, and my other blog is all about me and my hubby and also its my official website for taking an opportunities.

The only thing that inspired me a lot when I open my blogs is the comment from my visitors and co-blogger. Though I dont have a thousand visitors at least I know that there's someone who still make a glance in my blog. That's why Im extending my gratefulness, to those bloggers who visit me while Im far away. I really missed my life online and taking a tour into different sites. Although Im a bit tired I still make this post to let you know that Im back............whehehhe.. After this, its my time to make a glimpse and paying visit to those who leave a message in my cbox. Later then, I may take some rest, so that I can spend more time in taking my daily routine in life. To those who visited me, expect me to be visit you back, I will take a tour shortly. SEE YAH....



I will be a fairy Godmother again soon, ehehhe. Speaking of a fairy, I been dreaming a
bad nightmare last night and its all about fairy. My dream is full of fantasy, maybe its related on my upcoming event this Sunday that I will be a Godmother again. lol. Likewise, read my related post click here.

Far away....  

I'll be far away for a couple of days as I need to attend the christening of the baby of my cousin. He wants me to be the Godmother of his first baby, since I cant refuse about this matter so I must be there. It's quite far from my hometown so I need to be there before the day of the said event. Im glad to have this chance as I can chill out and relax. I love to travel and to see their place again, as it's been a long time since I didn't visit their hometown. From my place, I guess it will take about 5 hours to travel and I really enjoy in sightseeing while traveling, especially when I see mountains, beach and some nice views. I really love nature, makes me feel calm.

In the meantime, Im packing things ready for my long way trip. I'll be heading north Cebu and I really miss the place. Seems like Im having a vacation as I really packed my things needed for my trip though I know I will just attend a christening event. Actually, I dont know yet how long I stay there, it depends on how I feel to stay there. I plan to stay there about one week but I guess I cant stay that long as I need to see my hubby online. So I'll be back in no time, I surely miss my life online. If I can bring my lappy their I really would, but it's not wireless so I need to leave my lappy alone. So bye for now guys, see yah....


Enjoy the Ride...  

Finally, its fiesta in the city and loads of people I see all over the place. Last Saturday, I went to the city to watch the concert band "shamrock", I did buy a ticket first just to assure that I can watch the concert. Unfortunately, the concert is over and I'm still on the queue to get in, but I have no chance as loads of people still on the line to get inside. What a horrible night isn't it. Some people complain but they have nothing to do, nor plan to made any stupidity coz military is all over in every corner. Still fair enough and dont get annoyed people coz there's more place to go to chill in and have some fun. Like carnival, variety show in freedom stage, stage drama plus a free show in Gym and midnight sale in two department stores and the most awaited event is the Karansa and parade. Oh, see still have a lot chance to enjoy and keep drowning of the fun.

Since, I have no luck to watch the concert, we decided to go to the carnival and made some fun there. Indeed we enjoy in every ride as it's absolutely free to ride in every joyride. The first we ride is on the Megaloop, the second one is the ferries wheel and then the Horsy2xand the horror train. While my pamangkin ride on the itik-itik we just watch him riding on as it's only for kids and he's really having fun. Afterward, we go straight to my uncles house in Danao were we invited a month ago. So we did visit them and occasionally all relatives,cousins and other kapamilyas will gather on the said fest. Feed up and indulge the pakals ehehhe.

The said fest will not be a success one without procession of the saint patron and of course expect the sea of people inside the church, so must be there before the mass will start so that we can sit down and evade the standing position. The mass is finely and solemnly dedicated to the festival event and sponsored by the well-known Mayor in the city and family. Indeed, the fiesta is going well...


Engagement Party of my Friend  

I been witnessing the momentous engagement party of my friend, where it turns out into very romantic and most daring lovers. Tears of joy was shed during the speech love express of my ate shey. It's been a long time they have known each other and now the long time waited moment is over. Finally, they see each other face to face and they both happy to express the heartfelt gratitude of bill to my friend ate shey. Though it's just a simple party but full of love. To make this story short just watch the video.


Depends on the MOod  

In my life, I never used to like disco or having fun at night nor hanging with friends elsewhere. Id rather stay at home than to waste my time with anybody, but life isn't always stay like that. I thought I will not be able to make a groovy dance move when Im on the disco floor. Im not a dancer anyway, I prefer singing than to dance. Im a bit shyer person, but I know how to mingle and get socialized with whom I know. Anyway, Disco is not my real typo at all, in fact when Im inside the disco hall, I just stood up and stand like a tree. Then when my friends notice me that Im not in the mood to shake my booty, they encourage me to dance. As we are circling, they will notice me right away. Then my friend says that Im "KJ", well maybe, but sometimes I really dont like to get jam when my mood struck me. It depends on my karmic mood, just like what happen the other day. Though Im not feeling well but I really dance well. I mean not gracefully, but in disco it's a freestyle. All moves are in, even just clapping hands is another kind of moving and disregard the unexpected banging and stamping other feet. Just feel the beat and listen to the music that let you drown to follow the rhythm. This is what Ive experienced the other day when I spend my time at the disco. But there's no friend around me, only my uncles,cousins and sis. are their circling around, dancing with different moves and some moves of others makes me laugh. So funny to see any kind of freely moving styles. That is why I believed that in every journey it begins with a first step, but even though It's first move it's still hard to begin. That is why some people used to drink some hard liquor to get groovy and will not be ashamed while dancing in the crowd. But I'll never do that, I can make a move without providing any substantial matters in order to begin the unbeatable move.lol

Generally speaking, this words are just sayings "its difficult to start but hard to stop". It doesn't mean that hard to stop is hard to..., seems like when you just started feeling the beat of your heart and it beats like a drum while the feeling is inexplicable, then it wouldn't let you get out of the enjoying event. It keeps you dance until you get tired and sweats all over till the break of dawn. This is what I thought to myself, they would not call me kill joy anymore. ehehe. I'll never know that life could be so fabulous in times of happiness. Life is about having much fun as long as you can but it depends upon the situation. A nice mood ever will reflect how to boost up the energy level of enjoyment. As life is not always happy, there are times with ups and downs so in times of happiness just cherished the moment and enjoy the journey of life.

Why do we need Friends???  

Thanks a lot for sharing me this very nice tag that suits for friendship. My beautiful friend honey is my totally true and real friend of mine.

We need Friends for many reasons,

all throughout the season.

We need Friends to comfort us when we are sad,

and to have fun with us when we are glad.

We need Friends to give us good advice,

We need someone we can count on,

and treat us nice.

We need Friends to remember us

one we have passed sharing memories

that will always last.

Spread the Poem of Friendship. 1. Everyday Life 2. Words of Love 3. Sheng's Simple Thoughts . . . 4. good thoughts, good trades 5. Ours and Our Kids 6. Jengspeaks 7. Jacque 8. Snippets of My Mind 9.Melisse's Domain 10.Seize The Day 11. Living A' La Mode 12. The Real Deal The Real Me 13. My Virtual Closet 14. My Views On My So Called Life 15. Honey's Inlove 16.Hon-connect 17. Life's long Road 18. Dearly-Dear 19. You

I love this poem...

One more chance  

I've missed to watch the racing yesterday as the reason that I need to be in one places only. If I could be in two places I would surely love to, but I can't do the same thing at the same time. ahaha Drama effect, anyway If I know that there will be a racing that day I may not go too far in order to have some fun, and Im sure I will have so much fun in watching the racing competition. I only noticed that there's a racing when I passed the lane where on the way to the place we're going to. Afterward, I have some feeling of turning back as I really feel the excitement and enjoyment of watching and witnessing the unbeatable show of racing competition. Somehow, I used to think that I will not stay there for long time in my uncles house, so that I can still witness the racing event in short time.

While I'm at uncles house, I enjoy sing along there with my relatives and cousins. Hence, it's fiesta almost all of my uncles and aunts was there, as we know kapamilya will be together occasionally....Without noticing the time, the day was nearly over and the racing was no more in my head. Forgetting by my hint of willingness to witness the invigorating event once a year. I always missed the chances to chase these kind of events. I also missed the drama show the other day. Well, chances are inevitable anyway, so better luck next time. Give me one more chance.lol


Wedding of my Friend  

Im glad that my friend in high school still remember and think of me to be one of his guest on his big day event of his life. Though we're not so close with each other but he treat me as his one of his true friend until now.

At first, I decided not to go as Im a bit shy when it comes to party like this. On the second thought, I realized that wedding is hapens only once in our lifetime. Then just a while ago, I finally decided to go to the wedding ceremony of my friend, to witness thier vows with each other.
While watching them walking on the aisle, I remember my wedding moments. The feeling is really unexplicable, having a mixed emotions and certainly you cannot evade to shed your tears of joy.

Im having a great time on thier wedding, though his busy entertaining people and spending much time with his lawfully weded wife, he still spend time with me and my sis. and also he gave me giveaways too. Im very thankful that he still remember me as for the grueling years that we dont see each other nor communicating as often but despite the fact that he really keep me as one of his true friend in his life. Thank you my friend.



Been in Sto.Niño the day before yesterday, I was amazed coz Im not always going out or something chilling out. One thing that amazes me, was the people around even its not a Sunday or first friday of the month, still a lot of people line-up in order to see the miraculous child. Well, Im part of it anyway, wonder whose the girl in pics. is dah meh? yes, officially thats me. Actually, I dont know that my sis, takes me a stolen shot while wiping and talking to Snr. Sto. Niño. On the other hand, I am dismay of some vendors thier, the way they sell thier products. Coz it really makes me bad and I really hate people forcing me to do so or so whatsoever. lolz. Well, thats only my opinion anyway, that's life, I understand they do it for thier living. TGIF 2 all!!!



Nowadays, a lot of wearing headbands, as the fact that it adds ganda points and nice to look. A less styling looks yet looking good depends on the way you feel to wear. So I make myself one of them, though Im not looking good wearing headband. It comes to my mind to make a collection of any kinds of headband which is very known in bisaya it's called Turban. Although I dont feel like wearing headbands all the time but it makes me fun having a collection of any kinds of turban. Im only collecting those cheap ones, cant afford in expensive ones just for headbands. I may afford expensive ones but Id rather buy other things than those. I am not so addicted in making these collections, I just like buying when I see a new look headbands.

One time I was in the mall looking for a turban, I fit it on my head and when I look the price omg! the price is like buying a pillow? Dahh, Id rather buy a pillow nalang instead of headband eheheh. So far my collections are just few at the moment, I was just started liking to collect this thing when I saw my idol wearing those different styles and nice to look and colorful headbands. Actually I dont like wearing headband, it only depends on my hairstyle but usually I just like my hair freely to move. I am a bit old fashioned when it comes to styles, I am less style, though my hair is so long the style that I like is a full leaning on the back style. Haha, maybe it's not sounds familiar this kind of style, well thats only my own so-called style. So far I dont have all the kinds of headbands, I guess I only have 15, so I may buy more when I see another styles.


trip ko lang  

Ive found this site for making a d.lux digital entertainment webcandy. Which Im having fun on uploading my pictures, it's quite different in some others that I done before. Although its stumbling and spinning all the time but it's a peculiar one. Honestly, wala lng ibang trip kya eto pinagtripan ko.

This one also is quite nice coz you can make your own photoshow online plus you can sell it too. Oh dba its quite amazing, so if you like to have your own shows, you can make it here in this two beautiful sites. You can act like a star, feel like "sikat" ka dito. So guys make your own now!


Picture-Picture Galore  

A place like heaven on earth,it's nice to chill out and have some fun sometimes. The place is so nice yet peaceful and quite. Were having a refreshment and enjoy the ride.
Im wordless today, though I know its not Wednesday, so I make a change. This will be my wordless Thursday. lol.