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It's hard to start anything when you dont know what to do. But every journey begins with a first step,,right? So I make a move asking myself about my life going through. I'm kinda weird questioning myself and answering it all by myself. But before that, this questions is not only come up on my mind, I've read this on a magazine. So, I try and see for myself if I can answer it. This questions is like an evaluation of your whole life through. To make you fully understood, what I mean, here are the questions:

  1. Where is my life leading to?_________________________
  2. Where am I supposed to go?________________________
  3. Where am I now in that direction?____________________
The first question asks for direction, the next for the destination and the last for the location. I am surprised to find out some discoveries having this questions. The answers are within yourself and yourself can answer. In some circumstances, you may find that your life has no direction at all, especially when you leave the first question unanswered. Or, if you have no definite answer for the second questions, you may see yourself getting tangled up in a circle.

This means that our life is going along but it's getting nowhere. Life is merely an endless round, we born, we grow, and we will die. Consequently, we can hardly locate ourself in a journey that leads and ends to the right path. Embedded in our being is the search for the meaning of life, the thirst to know where it begins and ends. That's why life is a long road to takes. So, put a direction in your life and dont forget the destination and the most of all is the location. Coz only ourselves can locate where are we going to. Now folks, "Do you know where you going to"??

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