~~Do you believe in Prophecy???  

I heard a scary news from my sis. this is a top stories from her co-employee. Do you believe that this coming July 18, there will be an earthquake in Philippines, with 8.1 intensity and thousands of people will die!!! OMG!!! I cant believe this, Im not saying that I dont believe in prophecy but this is so terrifying. Its not that Im being horrible about this story but what if its true??Many people will not believe about predicting the fate of the world. As they bear the adage that 'Life is Unpredictable', and only GOD knows what will happen. So I did a research about this matter and mostly all his prophecies are becoming true. This prophecy is precisely predicted by,Mr. Juseleeno Nobulega DaRoose a Brazilian man, born in 1960, 48 years old now. He is a teacher, another normal citizen having a very poor life with his wife and kids. All the events which Mr. Juselleno predicted had clear indications of the year, month and dates of the disasters. In case any third party wants to confirm the facticity of his prophecy, Mr. Juselleno always put the story which he predicted to the notarization office or post office for approval.

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