Sto. Niño visit Mama Mary in Simala!  

For those who haven't seen this video, you better watch out and see for yourself.
According to my reliable source, this video is actual footage through a cellphone cam. This happened during their tour in Simala Sibonga Cebu. Even if it is prohibited to take pictures or make a pose inside in the miraculous place, but still they wanted to have a souvenir as it is very wonderful place like a paradise. My sister was been there before and she told me that place is very nice yet elegant and a very sacred place. A lot of people who went there and you'll have to fall in line in order to reach Mama Marys sacred place. The place is very highly appreciated consequently, you'll have to carry your shoes/slippers to show respect and adore. As a matter of fact, those who wear sexy dress or sleeveless, must have a cover on when you get inside of the sacred place. Apparently, on this video its unbelievable yet incredible but obviously it's true. The apparition of Snr. Sto. Niño (the miraculous child) appeared on the side place of Mama Mary and went on the side and gone. A lot of people doesn't believe this, but it does matter. Whether if it is miracle or not, true or not, the important is we have faith. As long as we have faith, we are always a believer.

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