Look! What a mess......
Yes, Im doing something for myself today, making an effort of my stuff and buying a folder case for my papers and documents that are needed to keep in safe place and sorting out all the papers. My room is completely messed up the papers everywhere. Lately, I only have a folder without casing, now Im having a second thought of putting things together in one case and I can carry it safely wherever I go. As Im thinking myself carrying a lot of folders in my two hands which is giving me a lot of hassles and must be careful to move in order the folders with papers will not scattered everywhere. While having a casing of the folder is hassle free, only one hand working at the time, while the other hand is on the hands partner..eheheh. Thats why Ive come up this idea of buying this things, even I know that its spends me more money for my documents. Its safer though plus if raining, no need to worry the papers will not get wet. Its super close tight even air can't get in. Oh sha, Im done with my discussion today, I need to tidy up my room. So bye guys....

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