Many years gone by, I forgot to exercise my body or Im just being lazy to do so. I remember my teenage life, Its a habit for me to exercise my body everytime I wake-up. Im conscious of having a bil2x, in fact, I'm using a slimming tea before but I'm not that fat. I am a bit chubby when I was a sweet teenager.~eheheh~. But now, exercise makes me tired, I did one time I do jogging, push-up etc. but after I went back to sleep. Silly me!lol.. I'm trying to bring the past back, but I guess I'm too sluggish to do it, so I'm having a diversion now. Me and my younger sis. are always playing badminton when we have spare time. It's some kind of an exercise for me as it really gives me energy and makes me sweat all over. It energized my body for how many years of being absence in making myself active. I'm so tired at the moment as I make myself worn out of playing badminton. So now, I will be having a good night sleep tonight....

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