Im craving...  

I miss eating filipino foods especially the bam-e or a pancit. Actually, I still eat filipino foods in daily basis but sometimes my hubby dont like it so I need to prepare specifically what he likes. Of course, english food not filipino food,,lol.

Anyway, I told my hubby to go to filipino market, glad there's a filipino market here. So I give him a list of what ingredients needed for a bam-e. Unfortunately, there out of stock of a behon so hubby came back with none of those I want. So I just hold on my cravingness of my favorite food.

The next day, he go back to the filipino market and glad he got what all the ingredients I need. Wheeew,,,at last I can cook now my favorite bam-e as in behon, sotanghon or whatever it is but I just called it behon with some spices like shrimps, chicken,carrots and of course white cabbage. Hmmm,,,at last I can eat now my wanted food ever. Indulge....Photobucket


Its New..  

Am knackered after finished editing my new template, I keep changing the layout until I notice it looks good in my eyes. I've got this layout in my other blogs, and I try to edit the background to see if Im still have the ability to change it. So gladly, my memory of editing html is still stack in my mind.

At last, Im glad I've done it and its looks perfect for me, but I dont know what you can say guys. Well, any comment will do, so that I will know wether it is looking good or bad. Alright, say something guys and its time for me to relax now as I feel exhausted and my back is start to ache again. See yah...Photobucket


Say me...  

I really missed this blog of mine, though Im not updated this for long but I always view this when Im online. Glad to know, I still have some visitors who never fails to visit my blogs. Likewise, I used to visit other blogs as well coz I love to read blogs, especially interesting blogs about lifes and the like. Altough Im not good in writing as in good grammatization, but I like what I write. It doesnt matter if someone comments about my grammar, I will be very happy that someone makes a correction. But in a good comments I hate bad comments as in putting someone down like under estimating person. Nobody's perfect anyway, so I accept the fact that Im not the best but I do what I can.

Anyway, everyone of us have a different perception, ideas, concepts and conclusion. Thats why all of us have minds and in our minds we have these different things. Anyway, I dont know what Im talking about now..wheheh. I just love to write what in my minds and it dont matter to me those who raised thier eyebrow. Alright, I have enough words to say now, so its time for me to go...

Im back....  

Hiya folks....Photobucket
After a long break, Im back now to share something about me. Regarding my last post, my back still aching due to winter season here. It's very very cold here and I guess my back aches due to panuhot as in the cold soughts to my bones and skin. I remember when I was young, I had this piang of my back which is like a fractured bones, that is why I always needs hilot as in massage. But Im alright, I have a medication and the pain killer and liniment. Actually, I bring pau liniment with me from pinas but now its empty, as in no more. So glad hubby bought me another liniment here which is quite good as well.

Alright, its time for me to read other blogs now..See yahPhotobucket