Today is the second death anniv. of the late husband of my sis. We commemorate the sudden death of his life although its been a long time but we still have a lugubriousness feeling and the feeling of emptiness without him. Even though his only a husband of my sister but still his part of our family. I remember the last day that I saw him, he got haircut to next door. While Im on the mirror I noticed him outside he was very happy that time talking to the barber. As that time is the day to get discharge their baby at the hospital. The baby was confined their for a couple of weeks or so. According to my sis. her husband was the one who look after the baby until midnight and then when my sis was awake, she let her hubby slept. It was 2 o'clock in the morning, that her husband was suddenly awake after resting just a minute. That time he say his last words to his wife "Please take good care of the baby", then he go back to sleep. My sister did'nt take any notice of whats his husband sa, she just let it back to sleep. Later then, she saw that her hubby was getting hard, and he cant speak easily. Right then, he was sent to ER but the doctors and nurses are not able to save his life even his at the hospital. The doctor findings is cardiac arrest, some say it was heart attack while others say its over fatigue and stress. But whatever reason of his death, its by Gods will. It was saddening the day he came back to the house that he's on the coffin. I really feel sad that time also looking at their baby really made me cry, having a pity to my sis. Of all the people I know, I guess he's the last good man on earth. Unfortunately, those who are super bait will be early to rest in peace. Well, anyway all of us have ending, but it really hurts that our love ones will passed away. Thats life, so we must have self esteem and enjoy the journey to travel in this wonderful world. Take a walk of life through the right road and cherished every moment.

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