My Sundays  

Usually the things that I need to do during Sunday is to go to church and say a little prayer. Thats the basic thing that I do, then take a little time to have a bonding with my family, relatives and some friends. My life runs smoothly, the things that I did are just completely mellowed. It seems that I have a pretty life. Definitely, yes, I have a pretty life but not what you think, coz when it comes to pretty as in good life I mean fortunate enough to live well. I have a pretty good life but not with the luxurious things. Just a simply human who lives on earth.

As I hear the homily today, that Wants and Needs are different. Of course, thats prevalent words and sabutable right? But the priest says that "Many people now doesn't know what they needs and what they wants". Agree or not? Well, I agree coz sometimes, even if we know that we dont need that things we really buy as we really like it, in short we just want it. In some cases, people easily persuade by the new styles and thats what we called OSO! as in sabay sa oso. On the other hand, we just make ourselves suffer to buy those things that we really dont need, despite the fact that we only wanted to have it. But do we really know what we need? The priest say "All we need is God". And yes, I agree. Coz, only God knows. Right??

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