Roads of Life  

Many people say that life is too short, if life is too short then we will not stay longer like this. From the very beginning of our life , the day that our mother brought us to see the wonderful world, since then our road of life's begin.

Theres a lot of kinds of a road to takes, mostly rough roads. Basically, non of us living as free as the wind. It depends on how we handle things in our own hands. Just like the way it goes, "My heart leads me in this direction", you might follow what your heart says as it could possibly be but not certainly.

Generally, a lot of young people being mislead into the wrong direction. But we cannot blame them, as always remember the adage "No one's Perfect". Good thing comes with a second chance, precisely, chances is the great way to learn. People learned by their own mistakes.

Problems in life are inevitable, but beyond anything else, there is a particular reason why we have that. Theres a lot of rocks that trapped before landing through the right path. Hindrances is only a puzzled to take, once you solve it, you will be succeed. Just take it easy because life is a long road to takes.

This things are just come up on my mind having a thought about the things going on. I'm trying to be a writer, lol. Likewise, Im not craving to be a writer, I just like to express whats on my mind.

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