Just Loss  

As of now Im still updating and trying to retrieve all my decorative here in my blog site. As you know I just change my URL for some reasons and now I have lost all my widgets. I am so gullible enough of what I did. I blame myself doing it, some kind of an idiot...lol. Likewise, I spent my days visiting all my friends links today, actually Im not done visiting all those sites that I have here in my blog list but I can make it some other time. As I noticed that I just sitting in my ass all day spending my time in blogging, I found myself have a tiring day without doing nothing for the rest of the day. Well guys if someone who cares to change my url in your list just copy this link please. Otherwise, I can make visit all of you but only those who cares, very well appreciated if you make it. Just let me know guys and please take a little patience about my favor.

I was trying to get back my website hit counter, coz I already have a thousands of visitors being listed on it. But I can't, I can have a counter again but back to zero.....OOOOO...Duhh,, Id rather have no counter I guess, as it reminds me of my carelessness and neglect of what a big mistake I did in my site. This is not the end of the world though, I can regain anyway. So guys I want to acknowledge that if you found out that this blog title "Life's long Road" is error in blogging, just delete it or just make an effort to edit my URL their. Many thanks in advance....

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