Way back to the Past  

Lately I get a chance to meet some of my close friend, we meet unexpectedly somehow its a strange feeling to meet your long lost friend. We did talk a lot of chikas about life and the things happened for the grueling years. Reminiscing the past about the place we go, the things we did, the experience, the laughs and everything. The things happened are all of a sudden, the time has gone so fast. Some of my mates now are still together after being ended their contracts in the company, only me was lost in space.

After leaving my job, my life started to change for some strange reasons, that I dont like to go out, hence, thats my favorite pastime especially taking trips with my friends. I remember, that even if we have no salary yet, as long as we have time to go through, even how far and even if we have no rest, we still go. We have vigor when it comes to exploring places and touring some different sites. Although our job is so tiring, we still have time to manage in traveling and trips.

The place we went with my mates are intendedly for new discoveries of the nature. We are fond of going to the beach, falls, mountains, islands and sorry I forgot the rest. lol. An overview of these, I remember the first place we go is the "Kawasan Falls". We are circle of friends and we're all girls totally all of us are 8. That time we're working night shift, hence we have overtime so continue working on the falls. Still have more energy to travel from Cebu and leaving at 3: am and reached at Kawasan with the sun begins to shine. All of us have a grin smile reaching that place for the first time ever in our life. It's perfectly wonderful and very cool place, the beauty of nature really exist and not a man-made falls. Also I never forget riding on a bamboo poles floating to get under to the huge stone and passing through the falls. While passing on the falls, you really feel that the water falls on the body is like a stone. What a great experience indeed.

Right after the Kawasan adventure,we go straight to Moalboal Diving which is the sea called "Baz dako" in other words big sand. A wide sand cover up the whole place, before you can reach the shore. A lot of divers there and also the seawater is very cold. So nice place, the sand is purely white and finely granules sand. First time to feel and touch the white sand in Moalboal.

Our next trip was in "Malapascua Island", all of us are excited to see the wonderful place. It was our first time to ride on a boat to reached the island. We stay for one night and touring different sites of the island, eating at the restaurant, videoke singing, and capturing a lot of memories there. Playing on the white sand and picking up beautiful stones which we really take it home. Sounds funny and seems were ignorant but we treat it a s a souvenir for ourselves, that we really been in that beautiful island. On the way back, we stop for a while in "Bogo Shrine", which is 150 steps before reaching the shrine of Mama Mary on top of it. We lighted up a candle and say our prayers and guidance on our trip.

Mangitngit Falls, is the second falls we visit which is typically different from the first falls we had been. The place is not that impressive, it's quite dangerous yet it's unfinished man-made resort. Actually we dont have plan to go their, our target place was the Oragay, but some of my friends was thinking for some adventurous event. So we have no choice, follow what others want. Although seems the place is kinda weird and very quite, however, we still having fun on that trip. Later then, months passes by we heard a news about the mangitngit falls which is collapse. Unfortunately, it causes death of some adventurer on that time of the landslide. That tragic event was alarmed us and cowardly stops us for having a trips for some strange place.

So another months came, and obviously all of us are craving and miss having a trips. So we decided to make a change on the place we went before, even though it's quite expensive but still all of us are agreed on the plan. It's obviously safe to go swimming on the resort. The first resort we went was the "Mountain Feliz Villa Estate Resort", if Im not mistaken ehehe. It's really expensive on the resort but fully satisfied of fun and swimming plus sliding. It was really fun on the slide, and it is our first time to ride on a very long and rolling slider. Secondly, Intosan resort was our second destination. Some of our friends didn't came along, still the rest comes, so we continue the discovery. Still have a wide big pool and small pool for kids plus sliding, but the first resort was nicer than the next one. We tried onto the slide, and gosh! we got scratched and earned some pain on the neck. The slider is made of cement I guess, when you stumble it's hard that causes scratched also very slippery. Were not having fun actually but at least we tried. hahah. Due to curiosity and ignorance , eheheh, well its prevalent but somehow we learned different things ad discover any ideas. Still the rip goes on, and the next resort was the "El salvador" which is quite nearer here in my hometown. So I guess thats our last trip after Im leaving them and getting married. Thats why my life now has officially changed, by the way I am before. After being separated with my mates, I admit that I really missed them and also taking trips everywhere. Hence, life is not always for having fun, taking trips with friends, need to settle down and farewell for those who have been part of our life. I guess, obviously I write a long story about my past, so maybe this enough for now.

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