New Pet!  

I really love to have pets, actually I have already a pet dog named "browny", since shes growing older now I dont like to play her the most as often as I did when she was a puppy. Now Im glad my brother bring me another pet, which is very small and cute.. Like a teddy bear and his hair is like a velvet to touch. I dont have a name yet for my new pet, Im thinking of the best name for him. I want him the best name since he is a boy puppy. Actually my brother bring two puppies, I only want one as I dont want to look after the two puppies together. So my sis. got the other one puppy, she loves to have pet too like me. Me and my sister are always have something in common, actually we are a pet lovers..I can make a cuddle with my new pet now after longing for cuddling a toy.

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