Now I know!!  

I used fluocinonide for my skin problems, I am satisfied of the results every time I used it. But for the grueling years that I used this products, Id never know that there are several kinds and types of fluocinonide. There is cream, ointment, gel and solution. If I dont search on the net about the said products, I wouldnt know about it. Just recently, I used the wrong one I mean not the one that I used to, when I put it, I feel redness and very itchy. So I check the box and read it, oh its a cream, and I've only find out that ointment is the one that I usually used. I thought its a fake products but not only thought, I've found out that there's fake products, so beware of imitations. In our society now, a lot of fake, sometimes you cant trust right away, but we persuade on the looks, then later we find out that its fake and not effective, what a waste of money then. But the main thing to bear is just buy the products with generic/brand name when it comes to treatment.

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