~~Drop2x Till I forgot~~  

While busy dropping and doing my daily blogging, my phone beeps with this tone "Guess what sexy you've got mail", oh what a nice tone isn't it?ehehe. I grab my phone and read my message, oh!what a surprise my friend invite me for a dinner at exactly 7 o'clock. So reply right away without asking any further clarification and what's the occasion and of course I will, it's gracious diba??? Im glad that this friend of mine never fails to remember me. Occasionally, we were always together before, since my life now has change I didn't go out most often.

After reading my message, Im carry on dropping, you know habitually I did dropping EC almost everyday. Dropping and viewing other blogs makes me wanna stay in front of my laptop all day. Without noticing the time, I always drop, drop, drop till I forgot.

I forgot that I have an appointment, my friend waiting me for a dinner. Oh shocks, It's already half passed eight. Since, she dont text me or even remind me to meet their, so Im not bothered to go. Anyway, I'll just disregard the said invitation, without knowing that my friend was waiting for me.

While eating my dinner, my friend came along bringing me a food. I was just an open-mouthed, looking like an idiot. ehehe. Then I start acting as if that I really forgot our meetings. Actually, I honestly forgot, at some point Ill just disregard it. She's unable to text me the time she was there coz shes lowbat, so she expect that I was there waiting for her. I feel her kindness towards me as she brings the food to my house. Well, I already ask an apology and better lack next time...

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