"My Pancit"  

I left home alone today, coz my husband is out all day as his refereeng 4 matches this week.
Thats why I left home alone, so bored tired and lonely. If I go out as well and come with him on his match I will be more bored and tired. So Id rather left hom alone and I can do things in the house, like cooking, cleaning, and tingling on my computer all day.

So I do cook my favorite pancit ever. This is my fav food and I always cook this in philippines. So simple and easy and so sarap....


Latest News  

My hubby is on Advertiser News after he refereed last Sunday Football Association leauge. His being chased by the players and being abusive onto him. One player ripped off his notebook and other player was swearing unto him.
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Actually, Im not so into this kind of game, some players have no respect by the referre and swearing a lot. They dont like to be sent off and being warned by thier attitude towards the game. After all the players who walked out the field was breached the rules and it looks like they dont have sportsmanship towards the game.
Anyway, thats life in it...


For my Mamas  

I bought an early Christmas gift for my mamas.
The wristwatch is for my grandma and the necklace is for my very own mother.
Its too early for this Christmas gift, but Id rather give it now than later.

Me and my hubby choose this gift, and we both like it. Hopefully my granny and mamsy will like it too. Actually, we buy it early coz my brother in law will go to Phillipines this coming October to visit my sister and family. So I'd rather give it to my brother instead of sending it on the parcel and might get lost.

Somehow, I would love to take it with me and give it personally to my beloved mother, but we cannot go to Phillippines at the moment. Hopefully next year I can take holidays and visit my family together with our baby.

So wish me luck...

My hubby's News Page  

Few weeks ago, my husband receive an anonymous call from Universal Studio telling that he won a free holiday trip to America. So he felt excited and keep on having a conversation with the anonymous caller. While the conversation goes through the main point, he started to feel its kinda fraud. As the caller telling him that he has his card details and just need the confirmation of
the expiry date.

After half an hour talking on the phone for an anonymous person, he put the phone down as he feel its a scam. Afterwards, the same person call again asking and telling the same thing, so he decided to report it to the police just for the security of my hubby's card account. The police takes action then and told him to call the Fraud Department Security to check and have an eye onto his account.

On the next day, the caller still phoning my husband. So he just follow the advice from the police on stop talking to the fraud caller. Later then, the Southport Visiter find out that my husband story is quite interesting. They put then on the newspaper with my husband photo taken, and warn other people of holiday phone scam.

Gladly, my hubby's account is nothing credited on it.

So be aware guys, lots of scammers around the world.


Homemade Choco balls  

I felt bored today so I make this choco balls or munchkins, I taught to make this when I was in school. Way back in high school days, we have a cooking time for Home and Economics. So until now, I never forget to make this desert thing which is quite easy to do.

I usually make this choco balls when I was in Pinas. Actually, I didnt take pictures for my step by step procedures. I took the finish product only. Anyway, I will just share how I made this as easy as ease.

Here are the Ingredients and Procedures:

dessicated coconut
plain brown biscuits
condensed milk

1. Crash the biscuits into fine granules.
2.Add the condensed milk in a bowl with crash biscuits.
3. Mix well.
4. Then sprinkles the dessicated coconut.

Well done. It's Simples isnt it.

Blackpool Rides  

We been to blackpool last week and having fun on all rides in Blackpool pleasure beach. Unlimited rides for 30 pounds each, quite expensive for me but indulge the pleasure. So far I only rides horsy2x, the balvalla cave, the plane rides, and the tango blast. While my hubby almost all rides like the roller coaster big and small, snake rides, and I dont whats the name of the rest rides. A lot of kind of rides thier which are so huge and you can really scream to the max.

Some rides are quite scary for me and not good for me and my baby. I still have fun though but how I wish I could ride on all rides. Coz I felt sayang for paying the entrance for the unlimited rides which I have'nt ride 'em all. I cant say its now or never, there's always time for more fun later on.

Have fun guys..

Well better luck next time, I would love to come back together with our baby someday.


My hubby's been to countdown yesterday in Manchester together with his friend. It is a game show really but they are not the players, thier only an audience. I wanted to come but I felt bored, so Im not bothered to come.

Anyways, my hubby likes to watch this kind of shows. Last time his been in Jeremy Kyle show as well and many more. Plus he saw the cast of Coronation Street, that is one of his favorite program to watch.

All right folks, nothin' to tell more about this show.
So, have to end this now.
Read more on my next post...