Birthday meh?  

I used to celebrate my birthday this date but the problem is my birth date in my certificate is different from the the way I used to. One time I did ask my mom about this, and she say that today is the correct one. Actually, I really confused about my birth date, anyway its a long story. So, to make the story short, I just follow what I used to be. Actually, I dont prepare anything for my birthday, I dont expect that I have a piece of cake.ehehhe. My friend surpises me for coming into my house and Im shy about it, that I dont have any food to offer. Well, Im trying to skip my birthday and pretending that today is just an ordinary day.nyahaha. But still theres someone dont forget to remember my natal day.!!!...Of course, Im thankful that she give me a cake and obviously I'm 22 years young. Here's the piece of cake.... want some???lol

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