I get addicted of dropping EC from the day that I get an idea and information from honey my friend. She taught me everything about enter cards and I really appreciate it. My day will not be over without dropping EC to some EC members. Honestly, I am a member of this Entrecard for so many months ago but I just ignored it. I dont have so much time in advertising or an affiliate or so whatever kinds of ads. So today I started dropping EC during lunch time, suddenly I heard a toiiiiinnnnnkk sound and when I look at my monitor "Page cannot be displayed"!!!Oh my gulay, what a terrible!! Meaning no electric power? Hay, I have no choice I shut it down.
While waiting for the electric on, Im going out for an excursion. I been there for an hour for some reasons. Its some kind of a health matters, so I get a scheduled to re-check up tomorrow. I went back home and thanks the power is back, so I open my lappy again and back to my blogging and EC dropping. So guys, dont forget to drop my EC here and thanks for dropping by....

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