Pinoy Series....  

I am so delighted knowing this site from my friend. She told me that she's busy watching on pinoy channel like Eva Fonda, that's one of her favorite. So I thought they have TFC in the house and she said its on the net. So she give me the link and Im glad I can keep watching now on my favorite pinoy series. Especially the Pinoy Fear Factor, it's one of my favorite when I was there in Philippines.

So now, I can keep watching it until the finale of pinoy fear factor. So very daring as in over, it makes me scream and so scary. Some of thier stunts are so danger and quite heartbreaker. Somehow, its over now and Jommy made it win on the first ultimate champion in pinoy fear factor. Wow....He's very rich now.eheheheh. Photobucket
Anyway guys, if you like to watch some pinoy movies just view this site... PinoyChannelTV...


Another Style...  

I make another vegei salad, which is very fav. of my hubby. This is my home made vegei salad, as in Im not following other recipes to make this. My hubby just told me once about this salad of him. So every now and then, he keep asking me to make his salad. So I make it more nice look, and arranging properly the ingredients.

Actually, Im having fun on making it, coz everytime I make it, I put different style and different looks.. As I have remembered its my 10 times of making him a salad. So now I make another style and it makes him laugh as he notice it, evrytime I make it.


Craving Again....  

Here we go again, Im craving for a food that my mama make it so sarap as in lami. When I was there, my mama always makes my food, feeling senorita me in the house.eheheh. So I tried to make my own here as I really wanted to eat something like that. Guess what I mean is, just simply fish tinola.

When me and hubby in tesco, I ask him to buy a fresh fish as in fresh from the sea. He's felt shock as in amazed but Im just kidding aside. So we go to fish section, and I saw this whole sea bream fish alone. And so I said, I like that, so he buy it. Its quite big though, so I cut it into twice and then I make my first ever fish tinola here. At last, I can eat the food that I used to eat there. hmmm..yum yum...Photobucket


Strange Wear...  

Hmmm...I feel strange wearing my clothes here, this is not what I used to. I usually wear sexy thingy when I was in Philippines, like sleeveless and shorts. But here, cant wear like that, Im fully wrapped like a chicken that full of feathers.eheheh..

Everytime I go out I always have this stuff on my body. The scarf on my neck, gloves on my hands, boots on my feet and coat. But guess what, though I have all that stuff wearing in my body, but still I feel cold. omg!!!I feel I just cant get enough. Id like to wear sexy clothes here but I cant dare to wear it, I'll be freezing to death.ahaha.
Somehow, everytime we go shopping I always look for a clothes that makes me warm enough. Im glad my hubby dont complain everytime I get some stuff, well I dont get those very expensive things. Im thinking as well of the price that he can afford to. Im not so demanding as always just only sometimes..wheheh