“My Perfect Holiday”
Upon looking at my pictures in Facebook, I stumble with this stunning album that someone has tagged me. When I click on it, I see the full view and the rest of the pictures in the album that my friend has made on her Facebook account. Then all of a sudden, I came to realize that this picture was taken 5 years ago. I was only 20 years old at that time and I love gallivanting everywhere with my close friends and workmates. I used to work in a Japanese firm called Mitsumi, I was a soldering operator and I admit it was quite a hard job as we have to stand for 12 hours shift whether day or night. Even though our job is tiring we still manage to find some time to unwind ourselves and relax for our days off even if its limited time only. We are so vigorous when it comes to exploring places and touring some different sites. Although we have no rest, no sleep, no eat and we still manage to spend time for travelling and going trips everywhere.
The place we went with my mates are intended for new discoveries of the nature. We are fond of going to the beach, falls, mountains, islands and beautiful sceneries. An overview of this perfect holiday of mine is the” Kawasan Falls” is the most beautiful falls I ever been since I born on this earth. The place was so relaxing and peaceful natural place where you can enjoy many waterfalls of natural spring water. The beauty of the place is simply amazing yet promising most rendezvous place of waterfalls has a lot to offer of excitement.  It is quite adventurous as you have to climb uphill for 15 minutes to reach to the falls where it leads you to the 2nd falls and then another falls but the most inviting falls is located in the middle of the forest where lots of tourist spends the most. It is a great get-away destination for gatherings and unwinding ourselves after a long tiring day at work. All of us have a grin smile reaching that place for the first time ever in our life. It's perfectly wonderful and very cool place, the beauty of nature really exists and not a man-made falls. We ought to discover the beauty of nature at its finest and it’s like a dream come true, that finally we endeavour and embrace the smell of the tropical forest.  The gentle hush of the waterfalls that touches your skin is so refreshing and invigorating. Also, I never forget the time I was riding on a bamboo raft that floats in the water and goes through inside the cave where the final destination is to pass through the huge waterfalls.  At that moment I just closed my eyes and enjoy the feeling sensation that glances my way.  I felt like there was a rocks falling onto me when the water falls into my body. The power of the water is 100 times stronger than a heavy rain. I could never imagine the power of the water that rushes through my whole body that invigorates me and it gives me a free water massage. As I opened my eyes, the stunning beauty of nature was replenished me. Though the water falls is kind of a breath-taking contingency, it was quite pleasurable experience indeed.