Long Time No Post  

Its been a long time that I dont make a post in my blog. But although I dont post something in here, I always visit my two blogs everytime I on my laptop. Its just I have no time to make a post or sometimes Im too busy with my precious little baby. Life change now, I have loads of responsibility to do first beforehand. I am back to work as well, so life at the moment is so hectic. Aside from that, I have no enough time to do some blogging thing as well, as I spend most of my time with my little baby, shes nearly one year and where preparing for her simple little princess party. At this time I decided to make a little update about me and my baby. Ive just make here personalized invitations through the net.I would like to make special for her on her first birthday ever. So all my friends here in UK are all invited. I only have few friends though, and my families are in Phil., so we plan next year we celebrate her birthday in Phil., hopefully it will happen. Wish us luck and everything will be alright in this start of the month of the year.

So see ya all guys...