That's Inevitable  

I experienced how shamed being caught in the act taking a nap while at work. Recently, I post regarding this matter on how to make an excuses if you get caught sleeping at work. Those are some strange reasons but somehow it is used to be funny. It is worldwide proven that sleeping at work is inevitable. I've experienced that way and that's really inevitable, especially working on shifting schedules.

Based on my experienced, I can't resist my sleepy head while working especially on night shift schedules. Though I sleep all day but still I cant evade, my eyes likely to close. I share you a little bit funny experienced of me at work. One time, I really fall asleep while doing my job, we're working on a mainline process, where output is badly needed as we are the input section. Sitting at work is prohibited it's only allowed in preggy employee, so obviously all of us in mainline are all standing while doing our respective process. I am a soldering operator, hence, the parts that Im going to soldered are very small so I need a microscope. Usually, Im used to lean my eyes on the microscope, so that nobody can see my eyes closed. ehehe. Even though , I close my eyes still my hands working and soldering those parts. Do you believe that?yes, I can do it but the result is no good. hahhah. Then my workmate, was laughing looking on my eyes forming a ball shaped because of the micro. But duhh, I ignore them so later then I can recover my napping coz honestly I feel ashamed, eventually it came back again in a few minutes. Though I keep trying to take away my sleepiness it still coming back. The worst experienced I ever did it was my hands being soldered on my soldering machine. So obviously I get burned my fingers as soldering machine is so hot. Of course it can make my eyes wide awake but consequently suffering the pain in my hand. Seems funny for me to remember those time of my life sleeping at work. Perhaps I'm on my growing period, maybe?lol, it's possible to occur in young ages but even older too. ahihi! I guess, that's really inevitable but consider this adage "prevention is better than cure".

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