Trip to province.  

I had a quick tour to my relatives house in province, Id like to travel especially if I can see a lot of mountainous area. It captures how wonderful the world is, the creation of our Almighty. After touring the sites, the most I like being in province is a lot of fruits, vegetables, and especially different kinds of animals. I dont know in some parts of provinces, but in the province I belong there's a lot of works in their hands. A fruit of the earth that satisfy them and it could be a source of their living. My uncle live here for such a long time, he owns the farm where I stand, though it's not mine, Im acting like mine...lolz...

It's a great pleasure sometimes to visit some of my relatives, coz they totally entertain me. My uncle getting busy of trapping the chicken in order to cooked food for me. My cousin, take me to the farm where we pick some mangoes, avocados, lemons, and many others.

Im really having fun on my excursion, Ive just stay there for almost 2 hours, I need to be back home before my hubby 's online. Im a bit tired carrying those fruits and vegetables as my uncle really wants to take it with me. Thats the most I like , coz I feel like been on the market. ahehe..:).

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