Nowadays, a lot of wearing headbands, as the fact that it adds ganda points and nice to look. A less styling looks yet looking good depends on the way you feel to wear. So I make myself one of them, though Im not looking good wearing headband. It comes to my mind to make a collection of any kinds of headband which is very known in bisaya it's called Turban. Although I dont feel like wearing headbands all the time but it makes me fun having a collection of any kinds of turban. Im only collecting those cheap ones, cant afford in expensive ones just for headbands. I may afford expensive ones but Id rather buy other things than those. I am not so addicted in making these collections, I just like buying when I see a new look headbands.

One time I was in the mall looking for a turban, I fit it on my head and when I look the price omg! the price is like buying a pillow? Dahh, Id rather buy a pillow nalang instead of headband eheheh. So far my collections are just few at the moment, I was just started liking to collect this thing when I saw my idol wearing those different styles and nice to look and colorful headbands. Actually I dont like wearing headband, it only depends on my hairstyle but usually I just like my hair freely to move. I am a bit old fashioned when it comes to styles, I am less style, though my hair is so long the style that I like is a full leaning on the back style. Haha, maybe it's not sounds familiar this kind of style, well thats only my own so-called style. So far I dont have all the kinds of headbands, I guess I only have 15, so I may buy more when I see another styles.

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