My Short trip  

It's a long time that I wasn't be able to make any post due to my technical problem on my laptop. Been lost in space for a while, now Im back for good. lol. Im asking an apology to all of you guys out there who visits me while im out of coverage area. eheheh. Dont worry guys I'll make an effort to hit all of you. Anyway, I dont know whats the problem of my PC so I did check it out and ask a help to my connection provider. I already make a post in my other site about my connection.

Just 3 days only that Im out of reach and those days I'm having a nice time in my life. I had a short trip in somewhere else, a place that I wanted to visit. So I take my chances and enjoy my entire day. Pictures taking will always be, it's nice to cherished every moment of our life and captured the best view ever. But it would be so much fun if I can take all my family but only my sister have a chance to accompany me. So we just enjoyed and take a tour as we embraced ourselves for having a sightseeing and enjoy viewing the place. While my hubby is taking trips to London, I'm having my trip also to make it fair. ehehe. By the way, here some pictures to show up.

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