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It's first time to happen that I celebrate my birthday twice. Well, it could be a long story if I share the whole details, so I'll make the story short. My hubby knows when is my real birthday but he used to follow the birth date in my certificate. That is why I celebrate again today and these is first time to happen in my life. I told him not to prepare something but he really did, he want to seized the time while his here with me now. Simple things makes me happy, I dont like big preparations so he just buy a cake then he cook spaghetti then buy some red wine and ice cream and other foods that cooked by my sis. It's a chance to celebrate my birthday together with him, well its quite a despededa as tomorrow he'll going back to England. I have a mixed emotion, knowing that we will be apart again. It could be a sad or happy birthday to me,.... but Im pretty sure I can handle this....eheheh.

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