Ber Month nah!!!!  

The countdown has just began, wheeew its ber month nah. Another end of the year to celebrate the most awaited event for everybody. The Christmas time is soon to come, a time to cherish every moment and to shout for joy. A time to celebrate the day of his natal day of our savior Jesus Christ.

Many of us now, are started to begin their countdown, precisely they start from 100 days till end of the countdown. Obviously, I make my own countdown here, for a references, so that Im aware of how many days left now before the celebration.

Im excited to begin my countdown as to date that days has just passed by. Nearly, another year will be over and another year will soon to begin. Apparently, It's time to face another chapter in our life. Another challenge that we may encounter, and possibly some risky thing. Its time to change things....Its time for C......not Clear huh!....eheehe.

Since my countdown here is unclear, so u can clearly see it in my other blog, just click my name below or visit Dearly-Dear blog.

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