Depends on the MOod  

In my life, I never used to like disco or having fun at night nor hanging with friends elsewhere. Id rather stay at home than to waste my time with anybody, but life isn't always stay like that. I thought I will not be able to make a groovy dance move when Im on the disco floor. Im not a dancer anyway, I prefer singing than to dance. Im a bit shyer person, but I know how to mingle and get socialized with whom I know. Anyway, Disco is not my real typo at all, in fact when Im inside the disco hall, I just stood up and stand like a tree. Then when my friends notice me that Im not in the mood to shake my booty, they encourage me to dance. As we are circling, they will notice me right away. Then my friend says that Im "KJ", well maybe, but sometimes I really dont like to get jam when my mood struck me. It depends on my karmic mood, just like what happen the other day. Though Im not feeling well but I really dance well. I mean not gracefully, but in disco it's a freestyle. All moves are in, even just clapping hands is another kind of moving and disregard the unexpected banging and stamping other feet. Just feel the beat and listen to the music that let you drown to follow the rhythm. This is what Ive experienced the other day when I spend my time at the disco. But there's no friend around me, only my uncles,cousins and sis. are their circling around, dancing with different moves and some moves of others makes me laugh. So funny to see any kind of freely moving styles. That is why I believed that in every journey it begins with a first step, but even though It's first move it's still hard to begin. That is why some people used to drink some hard liquor to get groovy and will not be ashamed while dancing in the crowd. But I'll never do that, I can make a move without providing any substantial matters in order to begin the unbeatable move.lol

Generally speaking, this words are just sayings "its difficult to start but hard to stop". It doesn't mean that hard to stop is hard to..., seems like when you just started feeling the beat of your heart and it beats like a drum while the feeling is inexplicable, then it wouldn't let you get out of the enjoying event. It keeps you dance until you get tired and sweats all over till the break of dawn. This is what I thought to myself, they would not call me kill joy anymore. ehehe. I'll never know that life could be so fabulous in times of happiness. Life is about having much fun as long as you can but it depends upon the situation. A nice mood ever will reflect how to boost up the energy level of enjoyment. As life is not always happy, there are times with ups and downs so in times of happiness just cherished the moment and enjoy the journey of life.

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