Wedding of my Friend  

Im glad that my friend in high school still remember and think of me to be one of his guest on his big day event of his life. Though we're not so close with each other but he treat me as his one of his true friend until now.

At first, I decided not to go as Im a bit shy when it comes to party like this. On the second thought, I realized that wedding is hapens only once in our lifetime. Then just a while ago, I finally decided to go to the wedding ceremony of my friend, to witness thier vows with each other.
While watching them walking on the aisle, I remember my wedding moments. The feeling is really unexplicable, having a mixed emotions and certainly you cannot evade to shed your tears of joy.

Im having a great time on thier wedding, though his busy entertaining people and spending much time with his lawfully weded wife, he still spend time with me and my sis. and also he gave me giveaways too. Im very thankful that he still remember me as for the grueling years that we dont see each other nor communicating as often but despite the fact that he really keep me as one of his true friend in his life. Thank you my friend.

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