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My cousin came here to my house, to have a thorough search about the facts of mushroom tibicos. Luckily, she got the information and now she fulfilled to believe that using this kind of medicine is really effective. She's using it for so many years and until now she continue on making the mushroom tibicos. In fact, she gave my mom some tibicos to make, the tibicos needs care so need to make it everyday or after 3 days or else it will die.

So here some tips on how to care the tibicos.

Grow the tibicos in a glass container with pure boiled water and about a third of a stick of brown sugar placed in the bottom and left in place for 24 hours, then strained through a plastic colander. This liquid should be drunk, preferably on an empty stomach, or if not, then with other liquid. If you like, it can be diluted with natural water; it's not necessary to sweeten it or add anything.

Once strained, wash the tibicos lightly in running water and return to the container. The tibicos which adhere to the bottom are the most recently formed; be careful not to dislodge them.

Take this drink with any liquid on an empty stomach without adding flavoring or sugar. Drink it regularly. It is good for arthritis, migraines, cancer, heart, digestive system, liver, muscles, nerves, eyes, skin, lungs, kidneys, and blood. In addition it keeps body temperature regulated, and drinking it helps alcoholics to quit.
This kind of medicine is quite like lacto pafi, it's liquid drink same taste with lacto. So if you want to know more about the story of mushroom tibicos just click this link and you will find out that its really true. Just beleive....

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