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Finally, its fiesta in the city and loads of people I see all over the place. Last Saturday, I went to the city to watch the concert band "shamrock", I did buy a ticket first just to assure that I can watch the concert. Unfortunately, the concert is over and I'm still on the queue to get in, but I have no chance as loads of people still on the line to get inside. What a horrible night isn't it. Some people complain but they have nothing to do, nor plan to made any stupidity coz military is all over in every corner. Still fair enough and dont get annoyed people coz there's more place to go to chill in and have some fun. Like carnival, variety show in freedom stage, stage drama plus a free show in Gym and midnight sale in two department stores and the most awaited event is the Karansa and parade. Oh, see still have a lot chance to enjoy and keep drowning of the fun.

Since, I have no luck to watch the concert, we decided to go to the carnival and made some fun there. Indeed we enjoy in every ride as it's absolutely free to ride in every joyride. The first we ride is on the Megaloop, the second one is the ferries wheel and then the Horsy2xand the horror train. While my pamangkin ride on the itik-itik we just watch him riding on as it's only for kids and he's really having fun. Afterward, we go straight to my uncles house in Danao were we invited a month ago. So we did visit them and occasionally all relatives,cousins and other kapamilyas will gather on the said fest. Feed up and indulge the pakals ehehhe.

The said fest will not be a success one without procession of the saint patron and of course expect the sea of people inside the church, so must be there before the mass will start so that we can sit down and evade the standing position. The mass is finely and solemnly dedicated to the festival event and sponsored by the well-known Mayor in the city and family. Indeed, the fiesta is going well...

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