One more chance  

I've missed to watch the racing yesterday as the reason that I need to be in one places only. If I could be in two places I would surely love to, but I can't do the same thing at the same time. ahaha Drama effect, anyway If I know that there will be a racing that day I may not go too far in order to have some fun, and Im sure I will have so much fun in watching the racing competition. I only noticed that there's a racing when I passed the lane where on the way to the place we're going to. Afterward, I have some feeling of turning back as I really feel the excitement and enjoyment of watching and witnessing the unbeatable show of racing competition. Somehow, I used to think that I will not stay there for long time in my uncles house, so that I can still witness the racing event in short time.

While I'm at uncles house, I enjoy sing along there with my relatives and cousins. Hence, it's fiesta almost all of my uncles and aunts was there, as we know kapamilya will be together occasionally....Without noticing the time, the day was nearly over and the racing was no more in my head. Forgetting by my hint of willingness to witness the invigorating event once a year. I always missed the chances to chase these kind of events. I also missed the drama show the other day. Well, chances are inevitable anyway, so better luck next time. Give me one more chance.lol

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