The sexiest award  

I got this award "the sexiest award" from my friend here in this site...well i guess I deserve this award....lol...Thanks a lot to.....filipinolifeabroad.

Our bodies, our feelings, our thoughts are energy, nothing more. This energy, like all energy takes the form of electromagnetic waves at different frequencies. For easier understanding, liken our emotions to a kind of music that we compose and play. When this music is 'Heard' by a partner who is receptive to it, and through whom it conducts and resonates, we have harmony, beauty and sexy. I find sexiness in subtleties.......yes, of course, the physical things can be sexy, clothing, or glimpses of under garments. But generally I find people who don't see themselves as
sexy are far sexier in my eyes.Well, Im proud to say that im sexy...yeahhhhh....heheehe

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