First time that I meet my hubby is in vibes connect. We share lots of things through mailing in vibes, we've known each other since Nov. 2006. Every time I visit my site his always mailing me. He was very friendly and he share everything that happens in his life. I feel close to him by sharing his personal life to me. There are times that we are both online in yahoo messenger so we chat for a little while, and we get more close each other by keeping in touch always. But behind that I never expect for anything matters, and I have no other intention, just only friends. I never thought that he had a secret feeling for me. I feel that he always communicates me, even though were only friends. He keep in touch with me through call, text and letter writing, so I feel great, cause there's someone who never fails to remember even his very far. It inspires in my life knowing that theres someone who thinks of me.
Suddenly, he told me that he will come to Cebu and we will meet personally. I feel happy at that moment while thinking 'what if its true'. But then I stop my emotion having said that "I dont expect" as I dont want to wait for nothing. Still our friendship is valuable to me, because I feel that he gives me importance in his life.

Finally the moments come,,,,this is it. While waiting in the airport I feel shy and conscious as I dont know how to entertain people like these. I feel my heartbeat very fast but I let myself to calm and relax. I dont know why I feel like this as were only friends and not lovers. Then at last he finally arrive in Cebu around 1pm in the afternoon, last June 02, 2007. I meet him in the airport together with my sister. I feel that I'm blushing when our eyes meet eyes. I feel like a melted candle.
We arrive home then I let him relax for a little while, afterwards i invite him to tour and watch
a view at "Mountains Paradise, Golf Course." We share a lot of things and we take a lot of pictures, I feel having fun in our first meet. I know that he feel the same way too...We feel very close to each other it's just like we've known for so long.
The other day he said goodbye then he kiss quickly on my lips. Oh shocks....I feel very shy when he kissed me in front of people as I'm a little bit conservative...Then I thought it was the end of our story, though I'm not expecting him no more, cause maybe he dont like me or somethin get in the way. After 5 days he came back,,,,Oh my God!...I wonder why, but behind that I feel glad...Then he started to show-up his feelings to me and I feel his sincerity.
Later then, each day we getting more closer and closer, then I officially accept him as my lover
. But beyond anything else I never expect that our relationship will get deeper and deeper and turn it into serious relationship. After 2 months, he proposed to me, I was shocked... I dont know how to answer....Then at my young age I decided that I will marry him. He was very happy when I accept his proposal. Right away, he started to process our papers then....
As time
goes by, our "Wedding Day" finally, the moments come, It was the happiest moment ever in my life. The day that we face in the alter in front of God by exchanging our vows together. That we will be together in "sickness and in health, through thick and thin, for richer or for poorer, in good times and in times, Till death do we part"...It was the most unforgettable moment that I will cherished for the rest of my life.
I never expect that he will be my soul mate, and become a greatest part of my life. Our story has no ending, all things that happen in our lives are unexpected. Only God knows for everything and planning for the right thing. He knows whats best for us and who's meant for each other. I know that God, destined us to be one and we're meant for each other. God knows that he is the right man for me, to share my life with, until the end...Thank you dear GOD for the wonderful blessings that you give me in my life....

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