My Special Valentine  

Early in the morning the fresh flower delivery wakes me up, it keeps my eyes close as its very early for me to wake up. Then, as I stare at the flowers, I just cant stop myself looking at it, so i wake up then, smelling the fresh flowers that sent from my hubby. I finally wake up, later then, I decided to take pictures and make a blog, hehehhe...

As i wake up this day looking at the clear sky which is in good weather condition, my day is all so good, very fine and very nice. On this day we all celebrate this special day and as we almost did it every 14th day of February. We habitually bought some fresh or artificial flowers to give to our special someone. Some bought chocolates and candies or any sweet gifts that bring sweet memories.
Today, my valentines day is very happy even though that my special someone is not here at my side. I consider this is a special day for I know that someone loves me so much and that is my "hubby" and of course my "family". I am so romantic to have these flowers and a special gift from my hubby it serves as a great remembrance, and also a lot of cards with inspirational message that touch my heart. I dedicate this all sweet memories to my hubby and family for they are all I'm living for. I am happy to have all these things from my special someone, it's so nice to be loved by you my dearly dear. Thanks for the special gifts that u've sent to me. It really makes my day complete.

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