YEHHHEEY,,,at last God answered my prayers. Our marriage certificate from NSO has just arrived few weeks ago. Then I rung my hubby to let him know and he said "hurrrrrray, thanks God". And now I can proceed to process for the next step.
My hubby is always forcing me to process this matter, cause he thinks that I'm lazy and I'm not working these papers. Well, honestly sometimes I get lazy but not meaning to say that I'm not working this out. One time I tell him that I will not process this anymore, as I get tired of waiting. But he says if his here, he will be the one to process this for me, but since he was far away all he can do is supply all the documents that I need. He says that "I know a lot of hassle my dear but its worth after all when you have all the papers you need." I learned out of this, its worth doing and processing this things as I really wanted to be with my hubby. Be patience while waiting than to get rush of. As they say "ang mag-antos masantos"....hehehe

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