Fiancee/Spuosal petitioner  

The CFO- Commission on Filipino Overseas, their guidance and counseling really helps us all filipinas.
Their seminar is intended only for fiancees/spousal petitioner. Their documented video files was very discouraging when you can watch it, plus the letters of the filipina, who share their experienced in their lives in outside country. If you want to read some story about filipina cases just
.click this. But their video and story are not making us to discourage , it could really help us to be guided, to be aware and to gain knowledge about it.
The Sister of Mary said, everyday they had a lot of clients who applied for guidance and counseling and everyday also they received a call from abroad about filipinas problem. We believe unless we try. We can figure it out also and think the situation of the filipina victims that,,," what if.....if this happen to me,, what should I do? Well, I dont have to be afraid for that matters if that might may happen to me. Because in every problem there's a solution and every solution there's God behind it. Accept the fact, cause life in abroad is swerte2x,,,,they say. Me, in my side, I will not say yet that I'm lucky enough to have a foreign man, thats what other people actually said. I dont know yet, what will be my life together with my husband. I can only say "QUE SERA,SERA, whatever will be, will be, the futures not ours to see, QUE SERA, SERA...( This is a Song)lol
But one thing for sure, we love each other and i know him very well.
I do hope that theirs no more filipinas who will be treated badly with their husbands.

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