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Some of the greatest things in life are the people we get to know who changes our lives forever, or have a positive impact in our hearts, including our friends. These are the people who we know we can rely on, or who we know will always be there for us in times of happiness or sorrow, in times of poverty or wealth, in times of sickness or health, in times of rain or sun. These people mean so much to us, but sometimes we never tell each other how much we mean to one another. In life there is always good and negative forces around us trying to destroy what is good. Some of these negative forces though, are inflicted by us when deceit and lies come into play. Friendship is a very delicate treasure because friends should trust friends, but what happens when your friend(s) starts leading you into a wrong path of life? Should you follow or should you decide for yourself your own path. The choice is yours, but be wise in your decisions. One of the most hurtful things in life is believing a person is your friend only to find out later in life he/she wasn’t. Friendship is meant for life, or at least they say so. It is something that should be developed and become stronger in time, no matter how far apart you are from the other person. Distances doesn’t play no role, its just miles apart. In life everything must be challenge even friendships. Broken friendships are just a way God puts us to the ultimate test, by throwing obstacles in our paths, to see what we will do. We must not be fooled and regain strength in each other as friends, so when Satan comes and puts his sins and deeds in our life, we will survive it and come out victoriously. As a wise person once told me, Love yourself, others, and have respect for yourself and others. Live your life good so that when you die, you are the one smiling and everyone around you are crying…

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