Life is Full of Gratitude  

Definitely yes..., Life is full of gratitude in a million ways by being grateful and be appreciative in a little ways. Like here, I'm very grateful that they pass me this tag, because I can express my feelings to all sorts of gratitude. Here they are, HONEY'S INLOVE and Allens sweetheart thank you very much for passing me this marvelous tag.
First and foremost, is "GOD" for giving me a good life, good health and everything that happens in my life, that is all Gods will.
My "Loving Parents" who nurture me with love and care, who never fails to support me when I'm down. They are the one who takes care of me since birth. Who look after me when I got sick. Gives me advice when I have problem and comforts me when I cried. They are my hero because they does a lot of things for me and they means everything to me. They give me hope every time I feel down. They encourages me and gives me strength and confidence to face every trials in life. I’m very thankful that I have a parents who helps me in everything. Even though I’m a little bit hard-headed but they never fails to love and care me. I really feel their sincerity and kindness to me. I’m grateful that I have a parents like them, because I can’t find another parent like my parents.
My "Husband" who loves me unconditionally, and never fails to support me in ways that he can. Even though were far apart from each other, I feel his love and care to me. Though, sometimes I act like a child,,,lol,,, but he stands still. I'm very grateful to have him in my life.
My "Sisters" who gives me strength in wicked ways and give me piece of advice when I'm weary, even though each of us had an own family but still the bonding is unbreakable. We stay together as one big happy family.
My "Friends" of course, Im very thankful to have friends. I have a lots of friends but I have a special mention friends. They are the one who makes me happy,,,lol,, who gives me advice, who gives me strength and confidence to face the struggles in life. Some of them is someone who inspires me in little ways that showing me and giving me importance after all. I treasure them as my friends forever.
As we express gratitude that is something when the memory is stored in our heart and not in our mind only. I have lots of gratitude but it really takes long time to express it all in here. So, I guess I have to end my list and thats all I'm grateful for. It really change our life by embracing gratitude and live life filled with peace, joy, contentment and abundance in life. As Anthony Robbins said "When you are grateful fears disappears and abundance appears". So be grateful enough and appreciate every little things that happens in life.
Now, let me pass this tag to some of my friends here...
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It's your turn to express your gratefulness and thankfulness in life.

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