Hotel Operation Seminar  

In our course, learning is not get only in school, it needs also to gain knowledge in outside facilities. That is why we had a seminar and it was held at Crown Regency Hotel and Towers last March 14, 2008. The seminar was all about Hotel Operations and it really helps us to gain more knowledge. So far, the seminar was very good and interesting. The speaker was sharing us his vast experience and life's learning as well. Towards aiming the goal of life to the highest regards into professional life. He also asked if we are on the "right track, well I guess I am. Precisely, I am aiming to commit my goals in life to the fullest. Hence, we really don't know what will be happen next, because as we all know that we are all "Rolling Stone" in this world. Basically, the speaker was sharing us about the personal life that he endeavor and encounter, before he commit his achievements in life. It really shows the circumstances, obstacles and hindrances in life. But beyond that matter it also shows that we are taking the big risks in life, before we achieved our one and common goal. Just like the speaker said, that it involves guts and determination in life. Unfortunately, we lose our personal life but it gives a great changes in life into a professional one.
Why we lose personal life?.Because, this kind of job needs focused on one thing. No time for love life, family, friends and other things that involves personality. When I hear this matter, I say to myself, I guess I need to change my track.hehehhe. Because I love my husband, family and love taking trips with friends. Kidding aside, I'm not being funny but I want to spend my life with the love of my life rather than having a good life but not happy. Life is not a matter of choice it's a decision that suits you the way and lead you to a happiest life. Basically, not all professionals loses personal life, it depends on how they handle their career. It only needs perseverance, time management and well-balanced to manage personal and professional life.

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