Ten Things....  

I made ten things that made me smile recently...I like to made things that made me happy that's why I grab this and got this idea from Honey

1. Hubby plans to come back in Phil....not yet sure but still I'm happy to hear it.
2. Sooner apply a visa...Thats what hubby told me...
3. Have my passport soon....yeah,,Im happy to have my passport...
4. Collect our NSO marriage cert....As hubby want a copy of our marriage cert.
5. Hubby call 2 times and sent many texts in one day...yeah,,he calls me and I wonder why, well, apparently because of his plans of us together..
6. Summertime...yeah I like summer, nice to go to beach, outings and lots of fun..
7. Bro. of my hubby will visit soon....Excited to see him.
8. Chatting with new girl friends....I did chat new friends recently and I'm having fun with them.
9. Meet my long lost friend....I meet my bestfriend during high school days, I'm happy to see her again.
10. Receive letters and easter card from hubby.

Those who love and like this ten things, grab it and made ten things that made you smile just recently....

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