Captivated by a dream  

I live captivated by a dream with my hubby. I can imagine us walking hand-in-hand on a moonlight beach, the sultry air, the waves washing against our ankles,his sweet perfume,,,,,,,,,,,hmmmmm, I sit at the white sand beach his there with me slow and mellow we play and then I sing so sweetly. And then suddenly, he carry me and I wonder where we go, and when I open my eyes.....oh shocks, I was just in my bed. Hahaha, Its just only a dream, I thought its true. But I cant resist my feelings of what well be the next of my dream, so I close my eyes and let my dreams continued. I'm just make myself funny, until now my dream is never coming back. I was captivated with my dreams but I still keep my dreams alive...

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