When I come home from school,my mom told me that I have a letters. I'm excited to see it and then I see it, it's a good day for me. And I read it several times already. It really makes my day complete. And also this day is very special to me because today is his birthday(HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR). Almost 5 letters i receive today, from my hubby. I really feel that he misses me so much and I feel the same way too. Since he come back to england he never forget to communicate me in any kind of communications. Even though his very busy but still he gives time and effort to make a communications with me. Through emails, calls and text and especially letter writing. He still send a letters even though we can send an email each other through internet .My dear said that "letters" adds proven and it serves as an evidence that were always communicating, when I filed my visa application. Speaking of visa application, I cant make any application yet at the moment, as I'm waiting the marriage certificate from N.S.O. Thats the last requirement that I needed for my passport. As we are newly wed last (august.11,2007), we need to submit a piece meal which is a first endorsement of our papers to N.S.O. My hubby process it when he was here, and the N.S.O. said it's only 1 month to process but it's almost 2 months already and I never receive any letters from N.S.O. It really annoys me of waiting that papers, as I cant do anything at the moment because of one thing. But I never lose hope and I'm patiently waiting when it comes. I always pray to god that one day well ended up of waiting, so that I can continue processing my papers. As my hubby really wants us to be together soon but we need to wait ,as it takes a long time to process. I'm just the same with other filipina's who awaits for their petitions approval. It really takes time but we need to wait for the right time comes along. I never lose hope and keep believing that one day theres an answer of my prayers. (Don't worry my dear hubby we will be together someday soon).......

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