In celebration of Sinulog fiesta, several programs and activities are lined up by the Cebu City Government and the Sinulog Foundation. Apart from the main spectacle which is the Sinulog grand parade, various trade fairs and product displays are organized to add vitality and vibrance to the festivity.

Cebu will not only be known as world-class tourist destination but also the creativity and uniquely designed and top of the line products. Tourist, balikbayans, and other regional visitors will witness and amazed with all the globally competitive products that are both superior in quality and marketability.

Sinulog has always been past-faced. Dancers bounce and step more often then they sway. People will walk from hotspot and then they linger. In the midst of the entire thrill, they are untiring and indefatigable. Yet the Sinulog fans are confess that they won’t mind the blaring music, the sticky feel of sweat, the chaos of people and the excruciating heat of the sun. In order to witness and experience the intoxicating wonders of events. But beyond anything else within the celebration there is a much deeper reason. To celebrate and give thanks to Senior Santo Nino. After all, you can’t call yourself a true devotee unless you’ve experienced the height of the Sinulog craze.

People come from far and wide, filling the streets of Colon, Jones, Fuente, Mango road and Abellana Sports Complex in search for the best spot and party among others. And in order to witness the glamorous and dazzled by the exotic beauties of the Festival Queens and their dancers. Join the crowd and fascinated by the enchanting floats with different artists, towering higantes, and comical puppeteers. Aside from that, the waving sea of the people, dance to the addicting beat of the sinulog, smell the humid air and feel the extreme excited of the Sinulog Grand Parade.

Hundreds of people calling only one name: Senior Santo Nino.


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