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While chatting with my hubby today, I hear some people outside screaming and shouting. Well, thats not sounds new here, its always like that. But Im still frightened and curios whats happening outside, so I look through the window and I wonder why theres a police in our little place. So I call my mum and ask her whats happening outside as I cant leave in my room coz were chatting with my hubby. Then, my mum trying to elaborate me the whole details of whats going on outside. They are looking for someone, whos name is same as mine. Well, I guess lots of people have the same name. Im not bothered or afraid though, as Im not doing any criminal offense or something bad in the society. Otherwise, the girl named "Emily" were hiding on the other house which is nearer in our house, then suddenly my mum passed by that house and saw her. She asked my mum wheres the police gone, so my mum was just make a sign (like traffic sign) so that the police will not notice that the girl they are looking was hiding in that house. When my mum was telling me this, I wasn't very happy coz I dont think if shes doing the right thing or not. Shes trying to help the girl to hide but not totally, she just left and walked away after she do the signs coz shes afraid if the police asked her. Well, I couldn't believe if my mum was doing the right thing or not. Though its our neighbor, but its not good also helping the bad ones to escape from her sin. For me, that is against the law, but anyway my mum is just so kind to help other people. Unfortunately, the girl is in the jail now. Shes nowhere to hide after all.

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