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I've spent my time reading the books this day, titled "Across the Nightingale Floor". By Lian Hearn. Actually this book is officially from my brother-in-law, he love to read books. He leave it here so that I have something to read especially when I get bored or nothing to do. At first I dont take a glimpse of this book, as Im not used to read stories. I will fall asleep while reading and it makes me more lazy. But one day I did open and read it. So far the story is interesting yet magical and full of fantasies, revenge, and suspense. A thrilling tale of love, violence, loyalty and betrayal. Though Im not finished reading it yet, but I can tell this is the most enjoyable book that I have read this year.eheehh..(First time ko kaya mag read ng books like this).
Well, anyway, not my whole day though I've spent some of my time to piggy,eheehe. My father is not around so Ill do his task, Im the one who wash and clean their shits...eeewww.. Well, im not used to do it, so meaning im forced.lol.

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