mEet and eat...  

Last night we went to the company where my sister works, I saw some of my friends there before. Well, the reason why I went there is because my brother in law wants to see my sister going out from work. Also friends of my sister wants to meet my bro. as well, so I come with him. While waiting there for half an hour suddenly I saw my best friend, I'd never thought that we will see each other again after such a long time for not seeing each other. So was I'm very glad, then my sister came with her friends, so get to know with each other then and meeting my bro. Then my bro, ask me wheres the nearest resto . And so I suggested him to Elsalvador which is the nearest one in Mitsumi. So right away we go directly to the restaurant as I feel hungry too..lol. While waiting for the orders, we had a lot of chika with my bestfriend and some friends of my sister. Well, my bro likes there I guess, but he says he dont like eating very formally..whehe not for certain that he dont likes to eat in class restaurant. There are times that we need to use our hands and so as they say "eating in finger is licking good",,,yeah..But there, you cannot use your hands as its shy though to use hands when you have the utensils you need for. Uncertainly, other restaurant is okey to use hands but definitely only those foods that are dry, I mean like buttered chicken, grilled porkchop and many others. Officially in some fastfoods I usually used my hands when I eat like in KFC, Mcdonalds, Jollibee, and etc. Otherwise, my story was skipping from my real topic, wheheh, well, Im not that good in making my elaboration you know, pasensya nah...So, here nalang, I'll show some pics of us last night.

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