Coconut fruit.....  

One sunny afternoon we went to province with my bro., my mum or lets just say my whole family. When we reached there, he didn't expect to eat coconut fruit. That is his first time to eat a pure coconut fresh from the coconut tree. He try some after my uncle chopping it, the first one he taste is hard which is the "lubi" while the other one is sloppy which is the "botong". Right after he taste a little bite, I give him more coconut fruit and he says he's not so keen in eating that kind of fruit,haha.. he likes only the water in it. Well, anyway the water is so pure,clean and sweet it helps cleanses the body. It's very natural and freshly fresh from the tree, it can help also those who have kidney problems. Its just like drinking pineapple juice as our body need a shower not only outside but also inside to get away the toxins. But those who can afford buying a pineapple juice everyday, we can drink the water of the coconut. Its very natural and no therapeutic added. What a great help isn't it?

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