Strange Wear...  

Hmmm...I feel strange wearing my clothes here, this is not what I used to. I usually wear sexy thingy when I was in Philippines, like sleeveless and shorts. But here, cant wear like that, Im fully wrapped like a chicken that full of feathers.eheheh..

Everytime I go out I always have this stuff on my body. The scarf on my neck, gloves on my hands, boots on my feet and coat. But guess what, though I have all that stuff wearing in my body, but still I feel cold. omg!!!I feel I just cant get enough. Id like to wear sexy clothes here but I cant dare to wear it, I'll be freezing to death.ahaha.
Somehow, everytime we go shopping I always look for a clothes that makes me warm enough. Im glad my hubby dont complain everytime I get some stuff, well I dont get those very expensive things. Im thinking as well of the price that he can afford to. Im not so demanding as always just only sometimes..wheheh

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